Title 24

SECTION 576.109

576.109 Indirect costs.

§ 576.109 Indirect costs.

(a) In general. ESG grant funds may be used to pay indirect costs in accordance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart E.

(b) Allocation. Indirect costs may be allocated to each eligible activity under § 576.101 through § 576.108, so long as that allocation is consistent with 2 CFR part 200, subpart E.

(c) Expenditure limits. The indirect costs charged to an activity subject to an expenditure limit under § 576.100 must be added to the direct costs charged for that activity when determining the total costs subject to the expenditure limit.

[76 FR 75974, Dec. 5, 2011, as amended at 80 FR 75939, Dec. 7, 2015]