Title 24

SECTION 574.530

574.530 Recordkeeping.

§ 574.530 Recordkeeping.

Each grantee must ensure that records are maintained for a 4-year period to document compliance with the provisions of this part. Grantees must maintain the following:

(a) Current and accurate data on the race and ethnicity of program participants.

(b) Documentation related to the formula grantee's Assessment of Fair Housing, as described in 24 CFR 5.168.

(c) Data on emergency transfers requested under 24 CFR 5.2005(e), pertaining to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, including data on the outcomes of such requests.

[80 FR 42368, July 16, 2015, as amended at 81 FR 80806, Nov. 16, 2016]