Title 24

SECTION 570.701

570.701 Definitions.

§ 570.701 Definitions.

Borrower means the public entity or its designated public agency or the State that issues debt obligations under this subpart.

Credit subsidy cost means the estimated long-term cost to the Federal Government of a Section 108 loan guarantee or a modification thereof, calculated on a net present value basis, excluding administrative costs and any incidental effects on governmental receipts or outlays.

Debt obligation means a promissory note or other obligation issued by a public entity or its designated public agency or by a State and guaranteed by HUD under this subpart, or a trust certificate or other obligation offered by HUD or by a trust or other offeror approved for purposes of this subpart by HUD, which is guaranteed by HUD under this subpart and is based on and backed by a trust or pool composed of notes or other obligations issued by public entities or their designated public agencies or by States and guaranteed or eligible for guarantee by HUD under this subpart.

Designated public agency means a public agency designated by a public entity to issue debt obligations as borrower under this subpart.

Entitlement public entity means a metropolitan city or an urban county receiving a grant under subpart D of this part.

Guaranteed loan funds means the proceeds payable to the borrower from the issuance of debt obligations under this subpart and includes funds received by a nonentitlement public entity from a State under § 570.711.

Nonentitlement public entity means any unit of general local government in a nonentitlement area.

Public entity shall have the meaning provided for the term “Eligible public entity” in section 108(o) of the Act.

State-assisted public entity means a unit of general local government in a nonentitlement area which is assisted by a State as required in § 570.704(b)(9) and § 570.705(b)(2) or pursuant to § 570.711.

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