Title 23

SECTION 500.110

500.110 PTMS.

§ 500.110 PTMS.

An effective PTMS for public transportation facilities (e.g., maintenance facilities, stations, terminals, transit related structures), equipment, and rolling stock is a systematic process that collects and analyzes information on the condition and cost of transit assets on a continual basis, identifies needs, and enables decision makers to select cost-effective strategies for providing and maintaining transit assets in serviceable condition. The PTMS should cover public transportation systems operated by the State, local jurisdictions, public transportation agencies and authorities, and private (for profit and non-profit) transit operators receiving funds under the Federal Transit Act and include, at a minimum:

(a) Development of transit asset condition measures and standards;

(b) An inventory of the transit assets including age, condition, remaining useful life, and replacement cost; and

(c) Identification, evaluation, and implementation of appropriate strategies and projects.