Title 23

SECTION 500.107

500.107 BMS.

§ 500.107 BMS.

An effective BMS for bridges on and off Federal-aid highways that should be based on the “AASHTO Guidelines for Bridge Management Systems” 2 and that supplies analyses and summaries of data, uses mathematical models to make forecasts and recommendations, and provides the means by which alternative policies and programs may be efficiently considered. An effective BMS should include, as a minimum, formal procedures for:

2 AASHTO Guidelines for Bridge Management Systems, 1992, can be purchased from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 444 N. Capitol Street, NW., Suite 249, Washington, D.C. 20001. Available for inspection as prescribed in 49 CFR part 7, appendix D.

(a) Collecting, processing, and updating data;

(b) Predicting deterioration;

(c) Identifying alternative actions;

(d) Predicting costs;

(e) Determining optimal policies;

(f) Performing short- and long-term budget forecasting; and

(g) Recommending programs and schedules for implementation within policy and budget constraints.