Title 22

SECTION 204.22

204.22 Right of A.I.D. to cure default.

§ 204.22 Right of A.I.D. to cure default.

Within sixty (60) days after the Date of Application for Compensation, A.I.D. may at any time make payments to the Lender or any Assignee equal to all installments of principal due and unpaid under any Note (other than installments whose maturity has been accelerated), together with interest on the unpaid principal amount of the Note to the date of such payment by A.I.D., and any Further Guaranteed payments due and unpaid, and thereby prevent or cure any default under the Note. Upon such a payment by A.I.D., if the Lender or Assignee shall have accelerated such Note, such acceleration shall be immediately rescinded or, if such Note shall not have been accelerated, such Note shall not thereafter be accelerated as a result of such Event of Default.