Title 22

SECTION 130.11

130.11 Supplementary reports.

§ 130.11 Supplementary reports.

(a) Every applicant or supplier who is required under § 130.9 to furnish the information specified in § 130.10 must submit a supplementary report in connection with each sale in respect of which applicant or supplier has previously been required to furnish information if:

(1) Any political contributions aggregating $2,500 or more or fees or commissions aggregating $50,000 or more not previously reported or paid, or offered or agreed to be paid by applicant or supplier or any vendor;

(2) Subsequent developments cause the information initially reported to be no longer accurate or complete (as in the case where a payment actually made is substantially different in amount from a previously reported estimate of an amount offered or agreed to be paid); or

(3) Additional details are requested by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls with respect to any miscellaneous payments reported under § 130.10(c).

(b) Supplementary reports must be sent to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls within 30 days after the payment, offer or agreement reported therein or, when requested by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, within 30 days after such request, and must include:

(1) Any information specified in § 130.10 required or requested to be reported and which was not previously reported; and

(2) The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls license number, if any, and the Department of Defense contract number, if any, related to the sale.

[58 FR 39323, July 22, 1993, as amended at 71 FR 20554, Apr. 21, 2006]