Title 22

SECTION 120.28

120.28 Listing of forms referred to in this subchapter.

§ 120.28 Listing of forms referred to in this subchapter.

The forms referred to in this subchapter are available from the following government agencies:

(a) Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Washington, DC 20522-0112.

(1) Application/License for permanent export of unclassified defense articles and related technical data (Form DSP-5).

(2) Statement of Registration (Form DS-2032).

(3) Application/License for temporary import of unclassified defense articles (Form DSP-61).

(4) Application/License for temporary export of unclassified defense articles (Form DSP-73).

(5) Non-transfer and use certificate (Form DSP-83).

(6) Application/License for permanent/temporary export or temporary import of classified defense articles and related classified technical data (Form DSP-85).

(7) Authority to Export Defense Articles and Defense Services sold under the Foreign Military Sales program (Form DSP-94).

(8) Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Determination Form (Form DS-4076).

(b) Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security:

(1) International Import Certificate (Form BIS-645P/ATF-4522).

(2) Electronic Export Information submitted using U.S. Customs and Border Protection's electronic system(s).

(c) Department of Defense, Defense Security Cooperation Agency: Letter of Offer and Acceptance.

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