Title 21

SECTION 884.2730

884.2730 Home uterine activity monitor.

§ 884.2730 Home uterine activity monitor.

(a) Identification. A home uterine activity monitor (HUAM) is an electronic system for at home antepartum measurement of uterine contractions, data transmission by telephone to a clinical setting, and for receipt and display of the uterine contraction data at the clinic. The HUAM system comprises a tocotransducer, an at-home recorder, a modem, and a computer and monitor that receive, process, and display data. This device is intended for use in women with a previous preterm delivery to aid in the detection of preterm labor.

(b) Classification. Class II (special controls); guidance document (Class II Special Controls Guidance for Home Uterine Activity Monitors).

[66 FR 14076, Mar. 9, 2001]