Title 21

SECTION 884.1640

884.1640 Culdoscope and accessories.

§ 884.1640 Culdoscope and accessories.

(a) Identification. A culdoscope is a device designed to permit direct viewing of the organs within the peritoneum by a telescopic system introduced into the pelvic cavity through the posterior vaginal fornix. It is used to perform diagnostic and surgical procedures on the female genital organs. This generic type of device may include trocar and cannula, instruments used through an operating channel, scope preheaters, light source and cables, and component parts.

(b) Classification. (1) Class II (performance standards).

(2) Class I for culdoscope accessories that are not part of a specialized instrument or device delivery system; do not have adapters, connectors, channels, or do not have portals for electrosurgical, laser, or other power sources. Such culdoscope accessory instruments include: lens cleaning brush, biopsy brush, clip applier (without clips), applicator, cannula (without trocar or valves), ligature carrier/needle holder, clamp/hemostat/grasper, curette, instrument guide, ligature passing and knotting instrument, suture needle (without suture), retractor, mechanical (noninflatable), snare, stylet, forceps, dissector, mechanical (noninflatable) scissors, and suction/irrigation probe. The devices subject to this paragraph (b)(2) are exempt from the premarket notification procedures in subpart E of part 807 of this chapter, subject to the limitations in § 884.9.

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