Title 21

SECTION 882.1630

882.1630 Cranial motion measurement device.

§ 882.1630 Cranial motion measurement device.

(a) Identification. A cranial motion measurement device is a prescription device that utilizes accelerometers to measure the motion or acceleration of the skull. These measurements are not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

(b) Classification. Class II (special controls). The special controls for this device are:

(1) The technical parameters of the device, hardware and software, must be fully characterized and include the following information:

(i) Hardware specifications must be provided. Additionally, verification and validation testing as well as a hazard analysis must be performed.

(ii) Software must be described in detail in the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and Software Design Specification (SDS). Additionally, software verification and validation testing as well as a hazard analysis must be performed.

(2) The device parts that contact the patient must be demonstrated to be biocompatible.

(3) The device must be designed and tested for electrical, thermal, and mechanical safety, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

(4) Clinical performance testing must demonstrate the accuracy, precision, stability, and repeatability of measuring cranial motion per the intended use in the intended use environment.

(5) The labeling must include:

(i) The intended use population and the intended use environment.

(ii) Instructions for technicians to convey to patients regarding the collection of cranial acceleration data to ensure device measurement accuracy, precision, stability, and repeatability.

(iii) Information allowing clinicians to understand potential sources of variability in the measurement to help recognize and identify changes in the measurement.

[82 FR 35071, July 28, 2017]