Title 21

SECTION 880.6600

880.6600 Ultraviolet (UV) radiation chamber disinfection device.

§ 880.6600 Ultraviolet (UV) radiation chamber disinfection device.

(a) Identification. An ultraviolet (UV) radiation chamber disinfection device is intended for the low-level surface disinfection of non-porous equipment surfaces by dose-controlled UV irradiation. This classification does not include self-contained open chamber UV radiation disinfection devices intended for whole room disinfection in a health care environment.

(b) Classification - Class II (special controls). The special controls for this device are:

(1) Performance testing must demonstrate the following:

(i) The chamber's ability to control the UV radiation dose during operation.

(ii) The chamber's disinfection performance through microbial challenge testing.

(iii) Evidence that the equipment intended to be processed is UV compatible.

(iv) Validation of the cleaning and disinfection procedures.

(v) The ability of the device to continue to perform to all specification after cleaning and disinfection.

(vi) Whether the device generates ozone (if so, 21 CFR 801.415, Maximum acceptable level of ozone, applies).

(2) Appropriate software verification, validation, and hazard analysis must be performed.

(3) Appropriate analysis and/or testing must validate electrical safety, mechanical safety, and electromagnetic compatibility of the device in its intended use environment.

(4) The labeling must include:

(i) UV hazard warning labels.

(ii) Explanation of all displays and/or labeling on user interface.

(iii) Explanation of device safety interlocks.

(iv) Explanation of all disinfection cycle signals, cautions and warnings.

(v) Device operating procedures.

(vi) Identification of the expected UV lamp operational life and instructions for procedures on replacement of the UV lamp when needed.

(vii) Procedures to follow in case of UV lamp malfunction or failure.

(viii) Procedures for disposing of mercury-containing UV lamps, if applicable.

(ix) Identification of specific equipment that is compatible with the UV radiation dose generated by the device and that can safely undergo UV radiation low-level disinfection in the chamber device.

(x) Description of the required preparation of equipment for disinfection in the UV radiation chamber device.

(xi) Identification of the specific microbes used in successful performance testing of the device.

(xii) Validated instructions for cleaning and disinfection of the device.

[80 FR 72588, Nov. 20, 2015]