Title 21

SECTION 880.6305

880.6305 Ingestible event marker.

§ 880.6305 Ingestible event marker.

(a) Identification. An ingestible event marker is a prescription device used to record time-stamped, patient-logged events. The ingestible component links wirelessly through intrabody communication to an external recorder which records the date and time of ingestion as well as the unique serial number of the ingestible device.

(b) Classification. Class II (special controls). The special controls for this device are:

(1) The device must be demonstrated to be biocompatible and non-toxic;

(2) Nonclinical, animal, and clinical testing must provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness, including device performance, durability, compatibility, usability (human factors testing), event recording, and proper excretion of the device;

(3) Appropriate analysis and nonclinical testing must validate electromagnetic compatibility performance, wireless performance, and electrical safety; and

(4) Labeling must include a detailed summary of the nonclinical and clinical testing pertinent to use of the device and the maximum number of daily device ingestions.

[78 FR 28734, May 16, 2013]