Title 21

SECTION 876.1735

876.1735 Electrogastrography system.

§ 876.1735 Electrogastrography system.

(a) Identification. An electrogastrography system (EGG) is a device used to measure gastric myoelectrical activity as an aid in the diagnosis of gastric motility disorders. The device system includes the external recorder, amplifier, skin electrodes, strip chart, cables, analytical software, and other accessories.

(b) Classification. Class II (Special Controls). The special controls are as follows:

(1) The sale, distribution and use of this device are restricted to prescription use in accordance with § 801.109 of this chapter.

(2) The labeling must include specific instructions:

(i) To describe proper patient set-up prior to the start of the test, including the proper placement of electrodes;

(ii) To describe how background data should be gathered and used to eliminate artifact in the data signal;

(iii) To describe the test protocol (including the measurement of baseline data) that may be followed to obtain the EGG signal; and

(iv) To explain how data results may be interpreted.

(3) The device design should ensure that the EGG signal is distinguishable from background noise that may interfere with the true gastric myoelectric signal.

(4) Data should be collected to demonstrate that the device has adequate precision and the EGG signal is reproducible and is interpretable.

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