Title 21

SECTION 866.3410

866.3410 Proteus spp. (Weil-Felix) serological reagents.

§ 866.3410 Proteus spp. (Weil-Felix) serological reagents.

(a) Identification. Proteus spp. (Weil-Felix) serological reagents are devices that consist of antigens and antisera, including antisera conjugated with a fluorescent dye (immunofluorescent reagents), derived from the bacterium Proteus vulgaris used in agglutination tests (a specific type of antigen-antibody reaction) for the detection of antibodies to rickettsia (virus-like bacteria) in serum. Test results aid in the diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria belonging to the genus Rickettsiae and provide epidemiological information on these diseases. Rickettsia are generally transmitted by arthropods (e.g., ticks and mosquitoes) and produce infections in humans characterized by rash and fever (e.g., typhus fever, spotted fever, Q fever, and trench fever).

(b) Classification. Class I (general controls). The device is exempt from the premarket notification procedures in subpart E of part 807 of this chapter subject to the limitations in § 866.9.

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