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822.9 What must I include in my submission

§ 822.9 What must I include in my submission?

Your submission must include the following:

(a) Organizational/administrative information:

(1) Your name and address;

(2) Generic and trade names of your device;

(3) Name and address of the contact person for the submission;

(4) Premarket application/submission number and device identifiers for your device;

(5) Table of contents identifying the page numbers for each section of the submission;

(6) Description of the device (this may be incorporated by reference to the appropriate premarket application/submission);

(7) Product codes and a list of all relevant model numbers; and

(8) Indications for use and claims for the device;

(b) Postmarket surveillance plan;

(c) Designated person information;

(1) Name, address, and telephone number; and

(2) Experience and qualifications.

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