Title 21

SECTION 822.10

822.10 What must I include in my surveillance plan

§ 822.10 What must I include in my surveillance plan?

Your surveillance plan must include a discussion of:

(a) The plan objective(s) addressing the surveillance question(s) identified in our order;

(b) The subject of the study, e.g., patients, the device, animals;

(c) The variables and endpoints that will be used to answer the surveillance question, e.g., clinical parameters or outcomes;

(d) The surveillance approach or methodology to be used;

(e) Sample size and units of observation;

(f) The investigator agreement, if applicable;

(g) Sources of data, e.g., hospital records;

(h) The data collection plan and forms;

(i) The consent document, if applicable;

(j) Institutional Review Board information, if applicable;

(k) The patient followup plan, if applicable;

(l) The procedures for monitoring conduct and progress of the surveillance;

(m) An estimate of the duration of surveillance;

(n) All data analyses and statistical tests planned;

(o) The content and timing of reports.