Title 21


814.1 Scope.

§ 814.1 Scope.

(a) This section implements sections 515 and 515A of the act by providing procedures for the premarket approval of medical devices intended for human use.

(b) References in this part to regulatory sections of the Code of Federal Regulations are to chapter I of title 21, unless otherwise noted.

(c) This part applies to any class III medical device, unless exempt under section 520(g) of the act, that:

(1) Was not on the market (introduced or delivered for introduction into commerce for commercial distribution) before May 28, 1976, and is not substantially equivalent to a device on the market before May 28, 1976, or to a device first marketed on, or after that date, which has been classified into class I or class II; or

(2) Is required to have an approved premarket approval application (PMA) or a declared completed product development protocol under a regulation issued under section 515(b) of the act; or

(3) Was regulated by FDA as a new drug or antibiotic drug before May 28, 1976, and therefore is governed by section 520(1) of the act.

(d) This part amends the conditions to approval for any PMA approved before the effective date of this part. Any condition to approval for an approved PMA that is inconsistent with this part is revoked. Any condition to approval for an approved PMA that is consistent with this part remains in effect.

[51 FR 26364, July 22, 1986, as amended at 79 FR 1740, Jan. 10, 2014]