Title 20

SECTION 603.12

603.12 How are the requirements of this part enforced

§ 603.12 How are the requirements of this part enforced?

(a) Resolving conformity and compliance issues. For the purposes of resolving issues of conformity and substantial compliance with the requirements set forth in subparts B and C, the provisions of 20 CFR 601.5(b) (informal discussions with the Department of Labor to resolve conformity and substantial compliance issues), and 20 CFR 601.5(d) (Secretary of Labor's hearing and decision on conformity and substantial compliance) apply.

(b) Conformity and substantial compliance. Whenever the Secretary of Labor, after reasonable notice and opportunity for a hearing to the State UC agency of a State, finds that the State law fails to conform, or that the State or State UC agency fails to comply substantially, with:

(1) The requirements of Title III, SSA, implemented in subparts B and C of this part, the Secretary of Labor shall notify the Governor of the State and such State UC agency that further payments for the administration of the State UC law will not be made to the State until the Secretary of Labor is satisfied that there is no longer any such failure. Until the Secretary of Labor is so satisfied, the Department of Labor shall make no further payments to such State.

(2) The FUTA requirements implemented in this subpart B, the Secretary of Labor shall make no certification under that section to the Secretary of the Treasury for such State as of October 31 of the 12-month period for which such finding is made.