Title 20

SECTION 429.205

429.205 What is not allowable under this subpart

§ 429.205 What is not allowable under this subpart?

Claims are not allowable for the following:

(a) Unassigned quarters in United States. Property loss or damage in quarters you occupied within any state that were not assigned to you or otherwise provided in kind by the United States.

(b) Business property. Property used for business or profit.

(c) Unserviceable property. Wornout or unserviceable property.

(d) Illegal possession. Property acquired, possessed, or transferred in violation of the law or in violation of applicable regulations or directives.

(e) Articles of extraordinary value. Valuable articles, such as cameras, watches, jewelry, furs, or other articles of extraordinary value. This prohibition does not apply to articles in your personal custody or articles properly checked or inventoried with a common carrier, if you took reasonable protection or security measures.

(f) Intangible property. Loss of property that has no extrinsic and marketable value but is merely representative or evidence of value, such as non-negotiable stock certificates, promissory notes, bonds, bills of lading, warehouse receipts, insurance policies, baggage checks, and bank books, is not compensable. Loss of a thesis, or other similar item, is compensable only to the extent of the out-of-pocket expenses you incurred in preparing the item such as the cost of the paper or other materials. No compensation is authorized for the time you spent in its preparation or for supposed literary value.

(g) Incidental expenses and consequential damages. The MPCECA and this subpart authorize payment for loss of, or damage to, personal property only. Except as provided in § 429.203(c)(7), consequential damages or other types of loss or incidental expenses (such as loss of use, interest, carrying charges, cost of lodging or food while awaiting arrival of shipment, attorney fees, telephone calls, cost of transporting you or your family members, inconvenience, time spent in preparation of claim, or cost of insurance premiums) are not compensable.

(h) Real property. Damage to real property is not compensable. In determining whether an item is considered to be an item of personal property, as opposed to real property, normally, any movable item is considered personal property even if physically joined to the land.

(i) Commercial property. Articles acquired or held for sale or disposition by other commercial transactions on more than an occasional basis, or for use in a private profession or business enterprise.

(j) Commercial storage. Property stored at a commercial facility for your convenience and at your expense.

(k) Claims for minimum amount. Loss or damage amounting to less than $25.