Title 20

SECTION 429.202

429.202 How do I file a claim under this subpart

§ 429.202 How do I file a claim under this subpart?

(a) Who may file. (1) You, your duly authorized agent, your legal representative, or your survivor may file the claim. If your survivor files the claim, the order of precedence for filing is spouse, child, parent, sibling.

(2) You may not file a claim on behalf of a subrogee, assignee, conditional vendor, or other third party.

(b) Where to file. You must file your claim with the Social Security Administration, Office of the General Counsel, Office of General Law, 6401 Security Boulevard, Room 617 Altmeyer Building, Baltimore, Maryland 21235-6401.

(c) Evidence required. You are responsible for proving ownership or possession, the facts surrounding the loss or damage, and the value of the property. Your claim must include the following:

(1) A written statement, signed by you or your authorized agent, explaining how the damage or loss occurred. This statement must also include:

(i) A description of the type, design, model number, or other identification of the property.

(ii) The date you purchased or acquired the property and its original cost.

(iii) The location of the property when the loss or damage occurred.

(iv) The value of the property when lost or damaged.

(v) The actual or estimated cost of the repair of any damaged item.

(vi) The purpose of and authority for travel, if the loss or damage occurred while you were transporting your property or using a motor vehicle.

(vii) All available information as to who was responsible for the loss or damage, if it was not you, and all information as to insurance contracts, whether in your name or in the name of the responsible party.

(viii) Any other evidence about loss or damage that the SSA Claims Officer determines is necessary.

(2) Copies of all available and appropriate documents such as bills of sale, estimates of repairs, or travel orders. In the case of damage to an automobile, you must submit at least two estimates of repair or a certified paid bill showing the damage incurred and the cost of all parts, labor, and other items necessary to the repair of the vehicle or a statement from an authorized dealer or repair garage showing that the cost of such repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle.

(3) A copy of the power of attorney or other authorization if someone else files the claim on your behalf.

(4) A statement from your immediate supervisor confirming that possession of the property was reasonable, useful, or proper under the circumstances and that the damage or loss was incident to your service.

(d) Time limitations. You must file a written claim within 2 years after accrual of the claim. For purposes of this subpart, your claim accrues at the later of:

(1) The time of the accident or incident causing the loss or damage;

(2) The time the loss or damage should have been discovered by the claimant by the exercise of due diligence; or

(3) Where valid circumstances prevented you from filing your claim earlier, the time that should be construed as the date of accrual because of a circumstance that prevents the filing of a claim. If war or armed conflict prevents you from filing the claim, your claim accrues on the date hostilities terminate and your claim must be filed within 2 years of that date.

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