Title 20


Subpart C - Youth Program Design, Elements, and Parameters

20: 681.400
   681.400 What is the process used to select eligible youth service providers
20: 681.410
   681.410 Does the requirement that a State and local area expend at least 75 percent of youth funds to provide services to out-of-school youth apply to all youth funds
20: 681.420
   681.420 How must Local Workforce Development Boards design Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act youth programs
20: 681.430
   681.430 May youth participate in both the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) youth and adult programs concurrently, and how do local program operators track concurrent enrollment in the WIOA youth and adult programs
20: 681.440
   681.440 How does a local youth program determine if an 18 to 24 year old is enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) youth program or the WIOA adult program
20: 681.450
   681.450 For how long must a local Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act youth program serve a participant
20: 681.460
   681.460 What services must local programs offer to youth participants
20: 681.470
   681.470 Does the Department require local programs to use Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds for each of the 14 program elements
20: 681.480
   681.480 What is a pre-apprenticeship program
20: 681.490
   681.490 What is adult mentoring
20: 681.500
   681.500 What is financial literacy education
20: 681.510
   681.510 What is comprehensive guidance and counseling
20: 681.520
   681.520 What are leadership development opportunities
20: 681.530
   681.530 What are positive social and civic behaviors
20: 681.540
   681.540 What is occupational skills training
20: 681.550
   681.550 Are Individual Training Accounts permitted for youth participants
20: 681.560
   681.560 What is entrepreneurial skills training and how is it taught
20: 681.570
   681.570 What are supportive services for youth
20: 681.580
   681.580 What are follow-up services for youth
20: 681.590
   681.590 What is the work experience priority and how will local youth programs track the work experience priority
20: 681.600
   681.600 What are work experiences
20: 681.610
   681.610 Does the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act require Local Workforce Development Boards to offer summer employment opportunities in the local youth program
20: 681.620
   681.620 How are summer employment opportunities administered
20: 681.630
   681.630 What does education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster mean
20: 681.640
   681.640 Are incentive payments to youth participants permitted
20: 681.650
   681.650 How can parents, youth, and other members of the community get involved in the design and implementation of local youth programs