Title 20


Subpart C - Individual Training Accounts

20: 680.300
   680.300 How are training services provided
20: 680.310
   680.310 Can the duration and amount of Individual Training Accounts be limited
20: 680.320
   680.320 Under what circumstances may mechanisms other than Individual Training Accounts be used to provide training services
20: 680.330
   680.330 How can Individual Training Accounts, supportive services, and needs-related payments be used to support placing participating adults and dislocated workers into a registered apprenticeship program and support participants once they are in a regist
20: 680.340
   680.340 What are the requirements for consumer choice
20: 680.350
   680.350 May Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act title I adult and dislocated worker funds be used to directly support adult education and literacy activities