Title 2


700.8 Payment.

§ 700.8 Payment.

(a) Use of resources before requesting advance payments. To the extent available, the non-Federal entity must disburse funds available from program income (including repayments to a revolving fund), rebates, refunds, contract settlements, audit recoveries, and interest earned on such funds before requesting additional cash payments. This paragraph is not applicable to such earnings which are generated as foreign currencies.

(b) Standards governing the use of banks and other institutions as depositories of advance payments under Federal awards are as follows:

(1) Except for situations described in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, USAID does not require separate depository accounts for funds provided to a non-Federal entity or establish any eligibility requirements for depositories for funds provided to the non-Federal entity. However, the non-Federal entity must be able to account for receipt, obligation and expenditure of funds.

(2) Advance payments of Federal funds must be deposited and maintained in insured accounts whenever possible.