Title 2

SECTION 180.715

180.715 What notice does the suspending official give me if I am suspended

§ 180.715 What notice does the suspending official give me if I am suspended?

After deciding to suspend you, the suspending official promptly sends you a Notice of Suspension advising you -

(a) That you have been suspended;

(b) That your suspension is based on -

(1) An indictment;

(2) A conviction;

(3) Other adequate evidence that you have committed irregularities which seriously reflect on the propriety of further Federal Government dealings with you; or

(4) Conduct of another person that has been imputed to you, or your affiliation with a suspended or debarred person;

(c) Of any other irregularities in terms sufficient to put you on notice without disclosing the Federal Government's evidence;

(d) Of the cause(s) upon which the suspending official relied under § 180.700 for imposing suspension;

(e) That your suspension is for a temporary period pending the completion of an investigation or resulting legal or debarment proceedings;

(f) Of the applicable provisions of this subpart, subpart F of this part, and any other agency procedures governing suspension decisionmaking; and

(g) Of the governmentwide effect of your suspension from procurement and nonprocurement programs and activities.