Title 19

SECTION 190.193

190.193 Application procedure for compliance program.

§ 190.193 Application procedure for compliance program.

(a) Who may apply. Claimants and other parties in interest may apply for participation in the drawback compliance program. This includes any person, corporation or business entity that provides supporting information or documentation to one who files drawback claims, as well as customs brokers who assist claimants in filing for drawback. Program participants may further consist of importers, manufacturers or producers, agent-manufacturers, complementary recordkeepers, subcontractors, intermediate parties, and exporters.

(b) Place of filing. An application in letter format containing the information as prescribed in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section may be submitted to any drawback office.

(c) Letter of application; contents. A party requesting certification to become a participant in the drawback compliance program must file with the drawback office a written application, signed by an authorized individual (see § 190.6(c)). The detail required in the application must take into account the size and nature of the applicant's drawback program, the type of drawback claims filed, and the dollar value and volume of claims filed. However, the application must contain at least the following information:

(1) Name of applicant, address, IRS number (with suffix), and the type of business in which engaged, as well as the name(s) of the individual(s) designated by the applicant to be responsible for compliance under the program;

(2) A description of the nature of the applicant's drawback program, including the type of drawback in which involved (such as, manufacturing, or unused or rejected merchandise), and the applicant's particular role(s) in the drawback claims process (such as claimant and/or importer, manufacturer or producer, agent-manufacturer, complementary recordkeeper, subcontractor, intermediate party (possessor or purchaser), or exporter (or destroyer)); and

(3) Size of applicant's drawback program. For example, if the applicant is a claimant, the number of claims filed over the previous 12-month period should be included, along with the number estimated to be filed over the next 12-month period, and the estimated amount of drawback to be claimed annually. Other parties should describe the extent to which they are involved in drawback activity, based upon their particular role(s) in the drawback process; for example, manufacturers should explain how much manufacturing they are engaged in for drawback, such as the quantity of drawback product produced on an annual basis.

(d) Application package. Along with the letter of application as prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section, the application package must include a description of how the applicant will ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory drawback requirements. This description may be in the form of a booklet or set forth otherwise. The description must include at least the following:

(1) The name and title of the official in the applicant's organization who is responsible for oversight of the applicant's drawback program, and the name and title, with mailing address and, if available, fax number and email address, of the person(s) in the applicant's organization responsible for the actual maintenance of the applicant's drawback program;

(2) If the applicant is a manufacturer and the drawback involved is manufacturing drawback, a copy of the letter of notification of intent to operate under a general manufacturing drawback ruling or the application for a specific manufacturing drawback ruling (see §§ 190.7 and 190.8), as appropriate;

(3) A description of the applicant's drawback recordkeeping program, including the retention period and method (for example, paper, and electronic);

(4) A list of the records that will be maintained, including at least sample import documents, sample export or destruction documents, sample inventory and transportation documents (if applicable), sample laboratory or other documents establishing the qualification of merchandise or articles for substitution under the drawback law (if applicable), and sample manufacturing documents (if applicable);

(5) A description of the applicant's specific procedures for:

(i) How drawback claims are prepared (if the applicant is a claimant); and

(ii) How the applicant will fulfill any requirements under the drawback law and regulations applicable to its role in the drawback program;

(6) A description of the applicant's procedures for notifying CBP of variances in, or violations of, its drawback compliance program or negotiated alternative drawback compliance program, and procedures for taking corrective action when notified by CBP of violations or other problems in such program; and

(7) A description of the applicant's procedures for annual review to ensure that its drawback compliance program meets the statutory and regulatory drawback requirements and that CBP is notified of any modifications from the procedures described in this application.