Title 19

SECTION 190.184

190.184 Merchandise transferred from continuous CBP custody.

§ 190.184 Merchandise transferred from continuous CBP custody.

(a) Procedure for filing claims. The procedure described in subpart O of this part will be followed as applicable, for drawback on merchandise transferred to a foreign trade zone from continuous CBP custody.

(b) Drawback entry. Before the transfer of merchandise from continuous CBP custody to a foreign trade zone, the importer or a person designated in writing by the importer for that purpose must file with the drawback office a direct export drawback entry. CBP will notify the zone operator at the zone.

(c) Certification by zone operator. After the merchandise has been received in the zone, the zone operator must certify the receipt of the merchandise (see paragraph (d)(2) of this section) and notify the transferor or the person designated by the transferor. After executing the declaration provided for in paragraph (d)(3) of this section, the transferor must resubmit the drawback entry to the drawback office in place of the bill of lading required by § 190.156.

(d) Modification of drawback entry - (1) Indication of transfer. The drawback entry must include a certification to indicate that the merchandise is to be transferred to a foreign trade zone.

(2) Endorsement. The transferor or person designated by the transferor and the foreign trade zone operator must certify transfer to the foreign trade zone, with respect to the drawback entry, as follows:

Certification by Foreign Trade Zone Operator

The merchandise described in the entry was received from ____ on ____, 20__ in Foreign Trade Zone No. __, (City and State)

Exceptions (Name and title) By (Name of operator)

(3) Transferor's declaration. The transferor must declare, with respect to the drawback entry, as follows:

Transferor's Declaration

I, ____ ____, of the firm of ____, declare that the merchandise described in this entry was duly entered at the customhouse on arrival at this port; that the duties thereon have been paid as specified in this entry; and that it was transferred to Foreign Trade Zone No. __, located at __, (City and State) for the sole purpose of exportation, destruction, or storage, not to be removed from the foreign trade zone for domestic consumption. I further declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this merchandise is in the same quantity, quality, value, and package, unavoidable wastage and damage excepted, as it was at the time of importation; that no allowance nor reduction of duties has been made for damage or other cause except as specified in this entry; and that no part of the duties paid has been refunded by drawback or otherwise.

Dated: Transferor