Title 19

SECTION 190.183

190.183 Articles manufactured or produced in the United States.

§ 190.183 Articles manufactured or produced in the United States.

(a) Procedure for filing documents. Except as otherwise provided, the drawback procedures prescribed in this part must be followed when claiming drawback under this subpart on articles manufactured or produced in the United States with the use of imported or substituted merchandise, and on flavoring extracts or medicinal or toilet preparations (including perfumery) manufactured or produced with the use of domestic tax-paid alcohol.

(b) Notice of transfer - (1) Evidence of export. The notice of zone transfer on CBP Form 214 (Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission and/or Status Designation) or its electronic equivalent will be in place of the documents under subpart G of this part to establish the exportation.

(2) Filing procedures. The notice of transfer (CBP Form 214) will be filed not later than 3 years after the transfer of the articles to the zone. A notice filed after the transfer will state the foreign trade zone lot number.

(3) Contents of notice. Each notice of transfer must show the:

(i) Number and location of the foreign trade zone;

(ii) Number and kind of packages and their marks and numbers;

(iii) Description of the articles, including weight (gross and net), gauge, measure, or number; and

(iv) Name of the transferor.

(c) Action of foreign trade zone operator. After articles have been received in the zone, the zone operator must certify on a copy of the notice of transfer (CBP Form 214) the receipt of the articles (see § 190.184(d)(2)) and forward the notice to the transferor or the person designated by the transferor. The transferor must verify that the notice has been certified before filing it with the drawback claim.

(d) Drawback entries. Drawback entries must indicate that the merchandise was transferred to a foreign trade zone. The “Declaration of Exportation” must be modified as follows:

Declaration of Transfer to a Foreign Trade Zone

I,____ ____(member of firm, officer representing corporation, agent, or attorney), of ____, declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the particulars of transfer stated in this entry, the notices of transfer, and receipts are correct, and that the merchandise was transferred to a foreign trade zone for the sole purpose of exportation, destruction, or storage, not to be removed from the foreign trade zone for domestic consumption.

Dated: Transferor or agent