Title 19

SECTION 190.156

190.156 Bill of lading.

§ 190.156 Bill of lading.

(a) Filing. In order to complete the claim for drawback under this subpart, a bill of lading covering the merchandise described in the drawback entry must be filed within 2 years after the merchandise is exported.

(b) Contents. The bill of lading must either show that the merchandise was shipped by the person making the claim or bear an endorsement of the person in whose name the merchandise was shipped showing that the person making the claim is authorized to do so.

(c) Limitation of the bill of lading. The terms of the bill of lading may limit and define its use by stating that it is for customs purposes only and not negotiable.

(d) Inability to produce bill of lading. When a required bill of lading cannot be produced, the person making the drawback entry may request the drawback office, within the time required for the filing of the bill of lading, to accept a statement setting forth the cause of failure to produce the bill of lading and such evidence of exportation and of that person's right to make the drawback entry as may be available. The request will be granted if the drawback office is satisfied by the evidence submitted that the failure to produce the bill of lading is justified, that the merchandise has been exported, and that the person making the drawback entry has the right to do so. If the drawback office is not so satisfied, such office will transmit the request and its accompanying evidence to the Office of Trade, CBP Headquarters, for final determination.

(e) Extracts of bills of lading. Drawback offices may issue extracts of bills of lading filed with drawback claims.