Title 19

SECTION 113.55

113.55 Cancellation of export bonds.

§ 113.55 Cancellation of export bonds.

(a) Manner of cancellation. A bond to assure exportation as defined in § 101.1 of this chapter may be cancelled:

(1) Upon exportation. Upon the listing of the merchandise on the outward manifest or outward bill of lading, the inspector's certificate of lading, the record of clearance of the vessel or of the departure of the vehicle, and the production of a foreign landing certificate if the certificate is required by the port director.

(2) Upon payment of liquidated damages. Upon the payment of liquidated damages.

(b) Cancellation of bond charges of an international carrier. The conditions of the bond of an international carrier may be considered as having been complied with upon the production of the applicable documents listed in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(c) Foreign landing certificate. A foreign landing certificate, when required, must be produced within six months from the date of exportation and must be signed by a revenue officer of the foreign country to which the merchandise is exported, unless it is shown that the country has no customs administration, in which case the certificate may be signed by the consignee or by the vessel's agent at the place of landing. Landing certificates are required in the following cases:

(1) Mandatory. A landing certificate will be required in every case to establish the exportation of narcotic drugs or any equipment, stores (except such articles as are placed on board vessels or aircraft under the provisions of section 309 or 317, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1309, 1317)), or machinery for vessels.

(2) Optional with the port director. A landing certificate may be required by the port director for merchandise exported from the United States, or residue cargo, when a certificate is deemed necessary for the protection of the revenue.

(3) Waiver. Except as provided in § 4.88 of this chapter, in cases where landing certificates are required and they cannot be produced, an application for waiver thereof may be made to the Commissioner of CBP through the port director, accompanied by such proof of exportation and landing abroad as may be available.

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