Title 19

SECTION 113.23

113.23 Changes made on the bond.

§ 113.23 Changes made on the bond.

(a) Definition of the types of changes - (1) Modification or interlineation. Modifications or interlineations are changes which go to the substance of the bond, or are basic revisions of the bond.

(2) Alterations or erasures. Alterations or erasures consist of minor changes, such as the correction of typographical errors, or change of address, which do not go to the substance, or result in basic revision of the bond.

(b) Prior to signing. When erasures, alterations, modifications, or interlineations are made on the bond prior to its signing by the parties to the bond, a statement by an agent of the surety company or by the personal sureties to that effect must be placed upon the bond.

(c) After signing. If erasures or alterations are made after the bond is signed, but prior to the approval of the bond by CBP, the consent of all the parties must be written on the bond. Except in cases where a change in the bond is expressly authorized by regulation, or by the Commissioner, no modification or interlineation may be made on the bond after execution. When a modification or interlineation is desired, a new bond will be executed.

(d) After approval of the bond by CBP. Except in cases where a change in the bond is expressly authorized by regulations, or instructions from the Commissioner, the port director may not permit a change as defined in paragraph (a) of this section after the bond has been approved by CBP. When changes are desired, a new bond is required, which, when approved, will supersede the existing bond.

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