Title 19

SECTION 113.21

113.21 Information required on the bond.

§ 113.21 Information required on the bond.

(a)(1) Identification of principal and sureties. The names of the principal and sureties and their respective places of residence must appear in the bond. In the case of a corporate principal or surety, its legal designation and the address of its principal place of business must appear.

(2) Identification of trade names and unincorporated divisions of a corporate principal. The principal may list on the bond trade names and the names of unincorporated divisions of the corporate principal which do not have a separate and distinct legal status who are authorized to use the bond in their own name.

(b) Date of execution. Each bond must bear the date it was actually executed.

(c) Statement of the amount. The amount of the bond must be stated in figures.

(d) Use of abbreviations. Abbreviations may not be used except in dates and the state of incorporation of the principal or the surety.

(e) Blank spaces on the bond. Lines must be drawn through all spaces and blocks on the bond which are not filled in.

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