Title 18


415.3 Purpose and findings.

§ 415.3 Purpose and findings.

(a) The Commission hereby finds and determines that the use of flood plains is affected with a public interest due to:

(1) The danger to life and property due to increased flood heights or velocities caused by encroachments.

(2) The danger that materials may be swept onto other lands or downstream to the injury of others.

(3) The requirements of a facility for a waterfront location.

(b) In order to protect the public interest, the following principles and goals have been determined:

(1) The overall goal is prudent land use within the physical and environmental constraints of the site.

(2) The principle of equal and uniform treatment shall apply to all flood plain users who are similarly situated.

(3) Flood plain use shall not result in nuisance to other properties.

(4) Flood plain use shall not threaten public safety, health and general welfare.

(5) Future land uses in private flood plains shall not result in public expense to protect the property and associated public services from flood damage.

(6) All future public and private flood plain users shall bear the full direct and indirect costs attributable to their use and actions.

(7) Restrictions on flood plain use, and flood hazard information shall be widely publicized.

(8) Land and water use regulations of responsible units of government shall not impair or conflict with the flood plain use standards duly adopted for the basin, except as provided for in § 415.42(a) of this part.

(9) Plans for land and water use adopted by responsible agencies shall not impair or conflict with these flood plain use standards.

(10) No action of any unit of government shall impair or conflict with these flood plain use standards.