Title 17


204.7 Hearing.

§ 204.7 Hearing.

(a) A debtor will be provided a reasonable opportunity for an oral hearing by the Commission's designee when:

(1) (i) By statute, consideration must be given to a request to waive the indebtedness;

(ii) The debtor requests waiver of the indebtedness; and

(iii) The waiver determination rests on an issue of credibility or veracity; or

(2) The debtor requests reconsideration and the Commission's designee determines that the question of indebtedness cannot be resolved by reviewing the documentary evidence.

(b) In cases where an oral hearing is provided to the debtor, the Commission's designee will conduct the hearing, and provide the debtor with a written decision 30 days after the hearing.

[58 FR 64370, Dec. 7, 1993, as amended at 66 FR 54131, Oct. 26, 2001]