Title 17


204.4 Demand for payment - notice.

§ 204.4 Demand for payment - notice.

(a) Before offset is made, a written notice will be sent to the debtor. This notice will include:

(1) The type and amount of the debt;

(2) The date when payment is due (not less than thirty days from the date of mailing or hand delivery of the notice);

(3) The agency's intention to collect the debt by administrative offset, including asking the assistance of other Federal agencies to help in the offset whenever possible, if the debtor has not made payment by the payment due date or has not made an arrangement for payment by the payment due date;

(4) The right of the debtor to inspect and copy the Commission's records related to the claim;

(5) The right of the debtor to request a review of the determination of indebtedness and, in the circumstances described in § 204.7, to request an oral hearing from the Commission's designee; and

(6) The right of the debtor to enter into a written agreement with the agency to repay the debt in some other way.

(b) Claims for payment of travel advances and employee training expenses require notification prior to administrative offset as described in this section. Because no oral hearing is required, notice of the right to a hearing need not be included in the notification.

[58 FR 64370, Dec. 7, 1993, as amended at 66 FR 54130, Oct. 26, 2001]