Title 17


204.1 Applicability and scope.

§ 204.1 Applicability and scope.

(a) The procedures authorized for administrative offset are contained in Section 10 of the Debt Collection Act (codified at 31 U.S.C. 3716). The Act requires that notice procedures be observed by the agency. The debtor is also afforded an opportunity to inspect and copy government records pertaining to the claim, enter into an agreement for repayment, and to a review of the claim (if requested). Like salary offset, agencies may cooperate with one another in order to effectuate recovery of the claim.

(b) The provisions of this subpart apply to the collection of debts owed to the United States arising from transactions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission). These regulations are consistent with the Debt Collection Act and the Federal Claims Collection Standards on administrative offset issued jointly by the Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury (31 CFR 901.3).

[58 FR 64370, Dec. 7, 1993, as amended at 66 FR 54130, Oct. 26, 2001]