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Appendix A to Part 420 - Separate Reporting Entity

17: : Appendix A

Appendix A to Part 420 - Separate Reporting Entity

Subject to the following conditions, one or more aggregating entity(ies) (e.g., parent, subsidiary, or organizational component) in a reporting entity, either separately or together with one or more other aggregating entity(ies), may be recognized as a separate reporting entity. All of the following conditions must be met for such entity(ies) to qualify for recognition as a separate reporting entity:

(1) Such entity(ies) must be prohibited by law or regulation from exchanging, or must have established written internal procedures designed to prevent the exchange of information related to transactions in Treasury securities with any other aggregating entity;

(2) Such entity(ies) must not be created for the purpose of circumventing these large position reporting rules;

(3) Decisions related to the purchase, sale or retention of Treasury securities must be made by employees of such entity(ies). Employees of such entity(ies) who make decisions to purchase or dispose of Treasury securities must not perform the same function for other aggregating entities; and

(4) The records of such entity(ies) related to the ownership, financing, purchase and sale of Treasury securities must be maintained by such entity(ies). Those records must be identifiable - separate and apart from similar records for other aggregating entities.

To obtain recognition as a separate reporting entity, each aggregating entity or group of aggregating entities must request such recognition from Treasury pursuant to the procedures outlined in § 400.2(c) of this chapter. Such request must provide a description of the entity or group and its position within the reporting entity, and provide the following certification:

[Name of the entity(ies)] hereby certifies that to the best of its knowledge and belief it meets the conditions for a separate reporting entity as described in appendix A to 17 CFR part 420. The above named entity also certifies that it has established written policies or procedures, including ongoing compliance monitoring processes, that are designed to prevent the entity or group of entities from:

(1) Exchanging any of the following information with any other aggregating entity (a) positions that it holds or plans to trade in a Treasury security; (b) investment strategies that it plans to follow regarding Treasury securities; and (c) financing strategies that it plans to follow regarding Treasury securities, or

(2) In any way intentionally acting together with any other aggregating entity with respect to the purchase, sale, retention or financing of Treasury securities.

The above-named entity agrees that it will promptly notify Treasury in writing when any of the information provided to obtain separate reporting entity status changes or when this certification is no longer valid.

Any entity, including any organizational component thereof, that previously has received recognition as a separate bidder in Treasury auctions from Treasury pursuant to 31 CFR part 356 is also recognized as a separate reporting entity without the need to request such status, provided such entity continues to be in compliance with the conditions set forth in appendix A to 31 CFR part 356.