Title 15

SECTION 997.15

997.15 Audit and decertification.

§ 997.15 Audit and decertification.

(a) NOAA may audit a RICE that it has certified to ensure compliance with the IOOC certification criteria and these regulations. NOAA will notify the RICE of its intent to conduct an audit and will coordinate with the RICE on the audit schedule and process.

(b) NOAA may decertify a RICE. In general, a RICE may be decertified when:

(1) The results of an audit indicate that the RICE no longer satisfies the requirements under which it was certified; or

(2) Other relevant reasons for decertification become apparent.

(c) NOAA's intent to decertify a RICE, along with the identification of a specific deficiency(ies) and a recommended corrective action(s), shall be included in a written notification to the RICE. After receiving NOAA's written notification, a RICE shall have up to 45 calendar days to request in writing that NOAA reconsider its intent to decertify the RICE. The RICE's request for reconsideration shall contain sufficient information for NOAA to determine whether to grant the request for reconsideration. Alternatively, the RICE may correct the deficiency(ies) identified by NOAA within 45 calendar days, notify NOAA in writing of the corrective action(s) taken, and provide sufficient evidence for NOAA to determine the correctness and effectiveness of the corrective action(s) taken.

(d) If a RICE submits to NOAA a written request for reconsideration or a written assertion that the identified deficiency(ies) has been corrected, NOAA shall have up to 60 calendar days after receipt of the request or assertion, to review the request for reconsideration or the assertion of corrective action. NOAA's decision, along with the reason for its decision, shall be delivered to the applicant via letter delivered by first class mail and by electronic means.

(e) Upon decertification, a RICE shall no longer be incorporated into the System.

(f) A RICE may act voluntarily to terminate its certification at any time by notifying NOAA in writing of its desire to do so. Upon receipt of the notification by NOAA, the RICE will no longer be incorporated into the System.