Title 15


960.4 Application.

§ 960.4 Application.

No person subject to the jurisdiction and/or control of the United States may operate a private remote sensing space system without a license issued pursuant to this part.

(a) Filing instructions, as well as a list of information to be included in the license application, are included in Appendix 1 of this part.

(b) If information in an application becomes inaccurate or incomplete prior to issuance of the license, the applicant must, within 14 days, file the new or corrected information with the Assistant Administrator. If new or revised information is filed during the application process, the Assistant Administrator shall, within fourteen (14) days, determine whether the deadline imposed by Section 201(c) of the Act and § 960.6(a) must be extended to allow adequate review of the revised application and, if so, for how long.