Title 15

SECTION 280.201

280.201 Violations.

§ 280.201 Violations.

(a) Engaging in prohibited conduct. No person may engage in any conduct prohibited by or contrary to, or refrain from engaging in any action required by the Act, this part, or any order issued thereunder.

(b) Sale of fasteners. It shall be unlawful for a manufacturer or distributor, in conjunction with the sale or offer for sale of fasteners from a single lot, to knowingly misrepresent or falsify -

(1) The record of conformance for the lot of fasteners;

(2) The identification, characteristics, properties, mechanical or performance marks, chemistry, or strength of the lot of fasteners; or

(3) The manufacturers' insignia.

(c) Manufacturers' insignia. Unless the specifications provide otherwise, fasteners that are required by the applicable consensus standard or standards to bear an insignia identifying their manufacturer shall not be offered for sale or sold in commerce unless

(1) The fasteners bear such insignia; and

(2) The manufacturer has complied with the insignia recordation requirements established under 15 U.S.C. 5407(b).

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