Title 15


273.4 Guidelines.

§ 273.4 Guidelines.

Each agency shall:

(a) Establish plans and dates for use of the metric system in procurements, grants and other business-related activities;

(b) Coordinate metric transition plans with other Federal agencies, State and local governments and the private sector;

(c) Require maximum practical use of metric in areas where Federal procurement and activity represents a predominant influence on industry standards (e.g.: weapon systems or space exploration). Strongly encourage metrication in industry standards where Federal procurement and activity is not the predominant influence, consistent with the legal status of the metric system as the preferred system of weights and measures for United States trade and commerce;

(d) Assist in resolving metric-related problems brought to the attention of the agency that are associated with agency actions, activities or programs undertaken in compliance with these guidelines or other laws or regulations;

(e) Identify measurement-sensitive agency policies and procedures and ensure that regulations, standards, specifications, procurement policies and appropriate legislative proposals are updated to remove barriers to transition to the metric system;

(f) Consider cost effects of metric use in setting agency policies, programs and actions and determine criteria for the assessment of their economic feasibility. Such criteria should appropriately weigh both agency costs and national economic benefits related to changing to the use of metric;

(g) Provide for full public involvement and timely information about significant metrication policies, programs and actions;

(h) Seek out ways to increase understanding of the metric system of measurement through educational information and guidance and in agency publications;

(i) Consider, particularly, the effects of agency metric policies and practices on small business; and

(j) Consistent with the Federal Acquisition Regulation System (48 CFR), accept, without prejudice, products and services dimensioned in metric when they are offered at competitive prices and meet the needs of the Government, and ensure that acquisition planning considers metric requirements.