Title 15

PART 241

Part 241 - Barrels For Fruits, Vegetables And Other Dry Commodities, And For Cranberries

PART 241 - BARRELS FOR FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND OTHER DRY COMMODITIES, AND FOR CRANBERRIES Authority:Sec. 3, 38 Stat. 1187; 15 U.S.C. 236. Source:13 FR 8373, Dec. 28, 1948, unless otherwise noted. Note:

The rules and regulations in this part refer entirely to individual barrels, and no separate tolerance has been placed on the average content of a number of barrels taken at random from a shipment. It is not believed that barrels can be so made as to take advantage of the tolerances, and, of course, no attempt should be made to do this. It is, therefore, expected that as many barrels will be above as below the standard capacity.

15: 241.1
   241.1 Capacities.
15: 241.2
   241.2 Legal standard barrels.
15: 241.3
   241.3 Application of tolerance for “distance between heads.”
15: 241.4
   241.4 Application of tolerance for “diameter of head.”
15: 241.5
   241.5 Standard dimensions.
15: 241.6
   241.6 Classes of barrels for tolerance application.
15: 241.7
   241.7 Tolerances to be allowed.