Title 14

SECTION 415.123

415.123 Computing systems and software.

§ 415.123 Computing systems and software.

(a) An applicant's safety review document must describe all computing systems and software that perform a safety-critical computer system function for any operation performed during launch processing or flight that could have a hazardous effect on the public as required by § 417.123 of this chapter.

(b) An applicant's safety review document must list and describe all safety-critical computer system functions involved in a proposed launch, including associated hardware and software interfaces. For each system with a safety-critical computer system function, an applicant's safety review document must:

(1) Describe all safety-critical computer system functions, including each safety-critical interface with any other system;

(2) Describe all systems, including all hardware and software, and the layout of each operator console and display;

(3) Provide flow charts or diagrams that show all hardware data busses, hardware interfaces, software interfaces, data flow, and power systems, and all operations of each safety-critical computer system function;

(4) Provide all logic diagrams and software designs;

(5) List all operator user manuals and documentation by title and date;

(6) Describe the computing system and software system safety process as required by § 417.123(a).

(7) Provide all results of computing system and software hazard analyses as required by § 417.123(c).

(8) Provide all plans and results of computing systems and software validation and verification as required by § 417.123(d).

(9) Provide all plans for software development as required by § 417.123(e).