Title 14

SECTION 221.500

221.500 Transmission of electronic tariffs to subscribers.

§ 221.500 Transmission of electronic tariffs to subscribers.

(a) Each filer that files an electronic tariff under this subpart shall make available to any person so requesting, a subscription service meeting the terms of paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Under the required subscription service, remote access shall be allowed to any subscriber to the on-line tariff database, including access to the justification required by § 221.205. The subscription service shall not preclude the offering of additional services by the filer or its agent.

(c) The filer at its option may establish a charge for providing the required subscription service to subscribers: Provided that the charge may not exceed a reasonable estimate of the added cost of providing the service.

(d) Each filer shall provide to any person upon request, a copy of the machine-readable data (raw tariff data) of all daily transactions made to its on-line tariff database. The terms and prices for such value-added service may be set by the filer: Provided that such terms and prices shall be non-discriminatory, i.e., that they shall be substantially equivalent for all similarly-situated persons.