Title 14


147.5 Application and issue.

§ 147.5 Application and issue.

(a) An application for a certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, under this part is made on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Administrator, and submitted with -

(1) A description of the proposed curriculum;

(2) A list of the facilities and materials to be used;

(3) A list of its instructors, including the kind of certificate and ratings held and the certificate numbers; and

(4) A statement of the maximum number of students it expects to teach at any one time.

(b) An applicant who meets the requirements of this part is entitled to an aviation maintenance technician school certificate and associated ratings prescribing such operations specifications and limitations as are necessary in the interests of safety.

[Doc. No. 1157, 27 FR 6669, July 13, 1962, as amended by Amdt. 147-5, 57 FR 28959, June 29, 1992]