Title 14

SECTION 137.53

137.53 Operation over congested areas: Pilots and aircraft.

§ 137.53 Operation over congested areas: Pilots and aircraft.

(a) General. No person may operate an aircraft over a congested area except in accordance with the pilot and aircraft rules of this section.

(b) Pilots. Each pilot in command must have at least -

(1) 25 hours of pilot-in-command flight time in the make and basic model of the aircraft, at least 10 hours of which must have been acquired within the preceding 12 calendar months; and

(2) 100 hours of flight experience as pilot in command in dispensing agricultural materials or chemicals.

(c) Aircraft. (1) Each aircraft must - (i) If it is an aircraft not specified in paragraph (c)(1)(ii) of this section, have had within the preceding 100 hours of time in service a 100-hour or annual inspection by a person authorized by part 65 or 145 of this chapter, or have been inspected under a progressive inspection system; and

(ii) If it is a large or turbine-powered multiengine civil airplane of U.S. registry, have been inspected in accordance with the applicable inspection program requirements of § 91.409 of this chapter.

(2) If other than a helicopter, it must be equipped with a device capable of jettisoning at least one-half of the aircraft's maximum authorized load of agricultural material within 45 seconds. If the aircraft is equipped with a device for releasing the tank or hopper as a unit, there must be a means to prevent inadvertent release by the pilot or other crewmember.

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