Title 14

SECTION 135.95

135.95 Airmen: Limitations on use of services.

§ 135.95 Airmen: Limitations on use of services.

(a) No certificate holder may use the services of any person as an airman unless the person performing those services -

(1) Holds an appropriate and current airman certificate; and

(2) Is qualified, under this chapter, for the operation for which the person is to be used.

(b) A certificate holder may obtain approval to provide a temporary document verifying a flightcrew member's airman certificate and medical certificate privileges under an approved certificate verification plan set forth in the certificate holder's operations specifications. A document provided by the certificate holder may be carried as an airman certificate or medical certificate on flights within the United States for up to 72 hours.

[Amdt. No. 135-140, 83 FR 30282, June 27, 2018]