Title 14

SECTION 1300.18

1300.18 Issuance of the guarantee.

§ 1300.18 Issuance of the guarantee.

(a) The Board's decisions to approve any application for a guarantee under § 1300.17 is conditioned upon:

(1) The lender and borrower obtaining any required regulatory or judicial approvals;

(2) Evidence showing, to the Board's satisfaction, that the lender and borrower are legally authorized to enter into the loan under the terms and conditions submitted to the Board in the application;

(3) The Board's receipt of the loan documents and any related instruments, in form and substance satisfactory to the Board, and the guarantee, all properly executed by the lender, borrower, and any other required party other than the Board; and

(4) No material adverse change in the borrower's ability to repay the loan or any of the representations and warranties made in the application between the date of the Board's approval and the date the guarantee is to be issued.

(b) The Board may withdraw its approval of an application and rescind its offer of guarantee if the Board determines that the lender or the borrower cannot, or is unwilling to, provide adequate documentation and proof of compliance with paragraph (a) of this section within the time provided for in the offer.

(c) Only after receipt of all the documentation required by this section, will the Board sign and deliver the guarantee.

(d) A borrower receiving a loan guaranteed by the Board under this program shall pay an annual fee, in an amount and payable as determined by the Board. At the time that the guarantee is issued, the Board shall ensure that this annual fee will escalate for each year that the loan is outstanding and that such annual escalation reflects the borrower's potential ability to obtain credit in the private credit markets, in addition to any other factors the Board may deem appropriate.