Title 14

SECTION 1300.12

1300.12 Eligible lender.

§ 1300.12 Eligible lender.

(a) A lender eligible to receive a Federal credit instrument approved by the Board must be a non-Federal qualified institutional buyer as defined in Section 102(a)(3) of the Act.

(b) If more than one institution participates as a lender in a single loan for which a Federal credit instrument is requested, each one of the institutions on the application must meet the requirements to be an eligible lender. An application for a guarantee of a single loan, for which there is more than one lender, must identify one of the institutions to act as agent for all. This agent is responsible for administering the loan and shall have those duties and responsibilities required of an agent, as set forth in the guarantee.

(c) Each lender, irrespective of any indemnities or other agreements between the lenders and the agent, shall be bound by all actions, and/or failures to act, of the agent. The Board shall be entitled to rely upon such actions and/or failures to act of the agent as binding the lenders.

(d) Status as an eligible lender under this section does not assure that the Board will issue the guarantee sought, or otherwise preclude the Board from declining to issue a guarantee.