Title 14

SECTION 1216.103

1216.103 Responsibilities of NASA officials.

§ 1216.103 Responsibilities of NASA officials.

(a) The Associate Administrator for Management or designee shall:

(1) Coordinate the formulation and revision of NASA policies and positions on matters pertaining to environmental protection and enhancement;

(2) Represent NASA in working with other governmental agencies and interagency organizations to formulate, revise, and achieve uniform understanding and application of governmentwide policies relating to the environment;

(3) Develop and ensure the implementation of agencywide standards, procedures, and working relationships for protection and enhancement of environmental quality and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;

(4) Develop, as an integral part of NASA's basic decision processes, procedures to ensure that environmental factors are properly considered in all proposals and decisions;

(5) Establish and maintain working relationships with the Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency, and other national, state, and local governmental agencies concerned with environmental matters;

(6) Acquire information for and ensure the preparation of appropriate NASA reports on environmental matters.

(b) Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices and NASA Field Installation Directors are responsible for:

(1) Identifying matters under their cognizance which may affect protection and enhancement of environmental quality and for employing the proper procedures to ensure that necessary actions are taken to meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations;

(2) Coordinating environmental quality-related activities under their cognizance with the Associate Administrator for Management; and

(3) Supporting and assisting the Associate Administrator for Management on request.

(c) Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices are additionally responsible for:

(1) Giving high priority, in the pursuit of program objectives, to the identification, analysis, and proposal of research and development which, if conducted by NASA or other agencies, may contribute to the achievement of beneficial environmental objectives; and

(2) In coordination with the Associate Administrator for Management, making available to other parties, both governmental and nongovernmental, advice and information useful in protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment.

(d) NASA Field Installation Directors are additionally responsible for:

(1) Implementing the NASA policies, standards and procedures for the protection and enhancement of environmental quality and supplementing them as appropriate in local circumstances;

(2) Specifically assigning responsibilities for environmental activities under the installation's cognizance to appropriate subordinates, while providing for the coordination of all such activities; and

(3) Establishing and maintaining working relationships with national, state, regional and governmental agencies responsible for environmental regulations in localities in which the field installations conduct their activities.

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